Across all cultures, nations, languages, and customs, humanity has this in common: we learn to see the world through the lens of the stories that we’ve heard and believed. Stories have the power to encourage, restore, and inspire, and that is exactly what we hope to accomplish here.

Foothills Church is a community of stories because it is a community of shared lives. Each story is as unique as the person who lived it. Yet there is a commonality to each one as we live and grow together on our faith journey. We want you to be inspired through hearing the testimonies of people who have seen God’s provision through challenging times. Those who have seen victory in circumstances similar to yours.

Our Stories

the cox family image

The Cox Family

we were looking for something that would just really invest into our kids Eric and Chelsea Cox How did you find Foothills? Eric: Eric: How I found Foothills was actually through childhood friends of mine and I was around fifth grade, actually. I started coming to the junior high group and just had a blast. And my parents saw the enjoyment I was getting out of it so they started coming and we’ve been here ever since. Chelsea: When I…
the bailey family

The Bailey Family

It wasn’t like anything we’d ever experienced in a church before. Mark, Christine and Katie Bailey How did you find Foothills? Christine: So, we had a friend who kept inviting us. They knew we were looking for a new church and just kind of kept bugging us which was great and we finally took a leap. Why did you come to Foothills? Mark: At that time, our kids were in fifth and third grade and were starting to transition into…
the botticelli family

The Botticelli Family

we were looking for something that would just really invest into our kids Jason and Melinda Botticelli How did you find Foothills? Jason: Basically, we moved out of San Diego. We were planning on coming back due to our financial situation. We started praying probably a year, maybe even a year and a half before we were coming back to San Diego, like, “Lord, we want to find a church. We don’t know where to go.” And Brandon told us…
the guerrero family

The Guerrero Family

I found a place that my kids wanted to go. They wanted to come every week. Abraham and Lauralee Guerrero How did you find Foothills? Abraham: I was working at an electrical company and one of the co-workers went to Foothills. We had just been saved and we were going to another church. And we were talking back and forth and we were always battling, like, whose church is best. And it was a challenge. We had heard about Foothills…
the shaw family

The Shaw Family

maybe we sought after things that we thought that would create happiness… Dave and Crystal Shaw How did you find Foothills? Crystal: My parents started going to Foothills years ago and had invited Dave and I to church a bunch of times. And we had never gone. One day I finally just felt this urge that… I’m sure it was God telling me but at the time I didn’t know. And I went with them to church and really, really…