Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders

High School Pastor
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Jon Ulloa

My Story I was born and raised in San Diego and was taken to church intermittently by my mom throughout my childhood.  I experienced God in elementary school and came to know Him, but when the church I was involved  in moved away I was left without a church, and without a desire to look for another one.  I spent my adolescent and early high school years living for myself, trying to have as much fun as I could with…
Children’s Pastor
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David LaBahn

My Story I was born in San Diego and grew up in a Christian home where the Bible was our foundation for how we lived our lives. My family started attending foothills when I was three years old, but we moved to Oregon when I was seven and we stayed up there until I was fifteen. During those years in Oregon we had a hard time finding a church like foothills that had a primary focus on youth and the…