Overcoming the Storm

Pastor Mark Hoffman talks about standing on the Word of God while the world is shaking.

Pastor Neil Hoffman talks about how Jesus’ church is where children and youth are welcomed.

Three Truths About Work

Pastor Dave Hoffman preaches on what the Bible says about working.

Easter 2022

Pastors Dave Hoffman, Neil Hoffman and Mike Van Meter give us the truth about why we celebrate Easter.

Has God Let You Down?

Pastor Mark Hoffman helps us understand why we may sometimes get angry with God.

When Jesus Doesn't Make Sense

Pastor Mike Van Meter gives us five things to remember when God doesn’t make sense.

How to Discover God's Will for Your Life

Pastor Mark Hoffman gives us several excellent truths on discovering God’s will for our lives.

Seeing The Unseen

Pastor Neil Hoffman preaches out of 2 Kings 6 about seeing and perceiving.

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Sermons by: Dave Hoffman

April 17, 2022
Easter 2022

Pastors Dave Hoffman, Neil Hoffman and Mike Van Meter give us the truth...

February 20, 2022
The Scent of Water

Pastor Dave Hoffman teaches us about the river of life flowing from the...

January 02, 2022
New Year 2022

Pastor Dave Hoffman uses a passage from Psalm 118 to encourage us going...

December 05, 2021
Noah and Christmas

Pastor Dave Hoffman teaches on how the flood shows us that God rescues...

November 07, 2021
Doers Not Hearers

Pastor Dave Hoffman shares 3 activities involved with being doers of...

October 03, 2021
If Not Jesus, Who?

Pastor Dave Hoffman encourages us to not give up the fight.

August 29, 2021
Revival, Our Destiny

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about how the power to bring revival is in...

April 11, 2021
Three Timeless Truths

Pastor Dave Hoffman reminds us of three truths the Apostle James talks...

April 04, 2021
Easter 2021

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The...

February 21, 2021
Transiton Weekend

Pastors Dave and Mark Hoffman talk about where Foothills Church is...

November 29, 2020
Jesus' Invitation

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the two invitations Jesus gives us...

August 16, 2020
Don't Panic - Pray

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the importance of prayer.

May 05, 2019
Missions Weekend

Pastors Dave and Mark Hoffman talked about all the missions Foothills...

April 14, 2019
Palm Sunday 2019

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about preparing ourselves to celebrate the...

January 13, 2019
Revival Prayer

Pastor Dave talked about our hunger for revival.

December 16, 2018
The Magi

Pastor Dave Hoffman talks about the Magi.

December 17, 2017
The Christmas Miracle

I’m going to ask for two volunteers who like to win things, alright?...

August 27, 2017
Restoring a Friend

I’m going start off by simply asking a question (holding up a Bible)...