Night At The Hard Rock Hotel

Night At The Hard Rock Hotel

Good morning everybody. You guys, I love saying this, and maybe I say it every time I preach, but Sunday needs to be the start of our week. You guys know that? Sometimes we treat Sunday as the end of our week. Like, we make it to Sunday, but you know. Changing the way you see things affects a lot, doesn’t it? And when you look at Sunday as the start of our weeks then all of a sudden we got the energy to go through it, don’t we? So, welcome to the beginning of the week. All right guys, I want to start off by telling a story about a lawyer that went hunting. He was going duck hunting and he was out there looking for ducks. Finally, he finds the ducks and they go fly up and he shoots a duck. I don’t know if we have any hunters in here, but it feels so good to actually shoot what you’re looking for. And this duck takes a couple flaps too far before it dies, and it comes down on the neighbor’s territory. You see the fence, it falls right on the other side of the fence. No worry, the lawyer is walking over to the fence to jump over and grab the duck right as the old farmer that owned that land pulls up on his tractor and he jumps off and he says to the lawyer, “Thanks for the duck.” And the lawyer’s like, “That’s my duck.” The farmer says, “Yet it’s on my land, it looks like my duck.” The lawyer gets mad, he points and says, “Listen here, you give me that duck or I will sue you and I will take that duck, your tractor, that land and your house.” And the old man goes, “Whoa” old farmer says, “Okay, you’re a lawyer or something aren’t you?” The guy says, “Yeah.” “I tell you what, let’s just settle this the way we do out in the country.” The lawyer says, “How’s that?” The guy says, “It’s the three-kick rule. We kick each other three times and whoever gives up first, loses, the other person gets the duck.” And the lawyer is a young guy, he works out all the time, he’s muscular and he thinks, “This is easy. I can out kick this old farmer. This is not a problem and it’s way quicker to get through.” He says, “Okay, no problem. Let’s kick each other.” So, he lets the farmer go first. Farmer comes up, walks up to the guy and kicks him right in the shin. I mean, just boom! And the lawyer at that point realized that the farmer had steel toed boots on. And he just comes down immediately shocked at the power of the legs that this farmer has and he’s holding his shin not expecting the next kick that’s already coming right to the stomach. Knocks the air out of this lawyer and he falls on the ground and he’s trying to gather his thoughts about what’s going on when the next kick comes right to the head. Right to the noggin and he’s seeing stars. I mean he’s feeling like he’s gonna pass out, but the only thing that keeps him from passing out is the knowledge and the anger inside that he is gonna kick this old farmer so hard his grandkids are gonna feel it. You know what I’m talking about? So, he musters himself up. Doesn’t care about the duck anymore just wants to lay one into this guy and he walks back and he’s about to run and do a field goal kick. And he starts running up against this farm, the farmer goes, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Nah, you can have the duck.” Gets back on his tractor and drives away.


You know, I doubt that this lawyer at any point of his hunting day thought that the day was gonna end like that, right? But you know what? That’s kind of a similar way to us. We have this idea of the way things should go and a lot of times they change. You know this lawyer was into making a deal. He wanted to make a deal for the duck and we’re gonna watch right now, we’re gonna read a story about a guy that his life totally did not go the way he thought and he started trying to make deals with God. So, we are going to look at Genesis 28 and it’s going to be the life of Jacob. If you have your Bibles, you can open it up to Genesis 28. We’re really going to camp out at this story. But before we read there, there’s some stuff we need to know about Jacob. Who was Jacob? Let me give a brief history on Jacob. Jacob was Abraham’s grandson. It went Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob, like his father, like his grandfather, was given the Abrahamic covenant, which if you remember, was a covenant where God basically said to Abraham, “I will be with you and your people will be my people and I will bless you and I will keep you safe and I will watch over you and your descendants will be like the sands of the seashore.” Do you guys remember this? He says, “That those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse you will be cursed because my hand will be upon you.” And we watch as Abraham accepts that covenant, how he lives a life of pretty incredible blessing and reward. And then we watch Isaac, his son, and we watch how Isaac lives this life of pretty incredible blessing and reward. But then the problem is we get to Jacob and it should be the same life. He should live in the same blessing and reward, but we actually see as we go further into his life that it’s a little bit different. We see that Jacob gets sent away from his family. They send him away because he’s a liar and a cheater. His brother has murderous threats coming for him. Jacob has to run away to another land. Far away where his uncle lives, and he goes there to marry this girl that he loves, and he has to work seven years to marry her. And then on that seventh year, his Uncle Laban tricks him and gives him his other daughter. Yeah, and then Jacob works another seven years for the girl he loved, Rachel. Finally getting Rachel. But does this sound like a guy whose life is blessed among Abraham and Isaac? It’s coming out different. He works twenty years for Laban, the whole time being cheated, being stolen from, being abused the entire way. Even to the point where he was worried that his own Uncle was going to kill him. His uncle over here was going to kill him. His brother over here was going to kill him. It doesn’t sound like a guy carrying the blessings of God, does it? So, here’s our question this morning? What went wrong? What happened? Why did Jacob’s future turn out so different from his father’s even though they were all carrying the same blessing? And I believe that we’re gonna find something this morning. We’re gonna find what Jacob missed and what we get to learn. What Jacob overlooked and what we get to learn from what he missed, so that we don’t go twenty years without the true blessing of God. Sound good? How many of you guys think that’s an important thing to find out? Alright, so we’re going to jump into Genesis 28:10-13. All that we’re gonna look at, it all happens at this night at the Hardrock Hotel. A night we’re gonna read right now where he lays on the ground in the desert alone and cold and it says he grabs a rock, puts it under his head and sleeps.

Then Jacob departed from Beersheba and went toward Haran. He came to a certain place and spent the night there, because the sun had set; and he took one of the stones of the place and put it under his head, and lay down in that place. He had a dream, and behold, a ladder was set on the earth with its top reaching to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. And behold, the Lord stood above it and said, “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie, I will give it to you and to your descendants.”

Genesis 28:10-13 NASB

Okay, first I want to stop right here and make sure we realize something that we may overlook. This is the first time that Jacob has ever experienced God. God did not live in his heart. His Holy Spirit wasn’t there moving like it is today. God revealed Himself to Abraham. God revealed Himself to Isaac, but Jacob had not experienced God at this point. God comes through in this powerful dream and over the next couple verses explains the covenant that He wants to make with Jacob. To bless him, to keep him, to give him land. All of these incredible things. And this is where we find the first thing that the Lord reveals to Jacob and it’s the same thing that the Lord reveals to us, that Jacob didn’t see very well, and he didn’t grasp it. And that first thing is that God desires to reveal Himself to us. We have to know this. If you are on a journey, we all are, we have to know…

God desires to reveal Himself.

He wants to send His presence to us. He desires to give Himself and to jump in our situations. The truth is, sometimes we don’t see it, right? You can say, “Neil, how can you say he desires that? I don’t see Him in some of the situations in my life.” Well, let’s read a scripture right now. Jeremiah 29:12-13. I love this scripture because I do believe that God desires to reveal Himself in all of our situations. That God wants to break through to all of our situations. This is what He says.

“Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:12-13

I love that part. He’s saying, I am always available to listen to you as you come. You will seek me, and what? God is saying, “When you seek Me, you will find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” There’s the key. The key to realizing and seeing God’s moving in our life is to search for it. You know the truth is, many times I haven’t seen God in my life moving. It’s not because He wasn’t there. It’s because I wasn’t looking well.

There’s a story after World War I. A man that had done Morse Code in the war, was looking for a job. He had replied to a newspaper article that said, “We’re holding open applications to do Morse Code.” So, he shows up and he walks into the room that the newspaper said to. And he walks in and there’s only one door leading out. The door has a big flyer on it that says, “We’ll come out and get you if you’re here for the job. Please be seated. Do not come in.” And as he walks into the room there’s ten other applicants, all of them sitting down. So, he finds an empty chair and he’s feeling a little bummed because of everybody that’s applying for this job. He’s got to beat all these people. Everybody’s quiet and you can hear the Morse Code going on in the other room. They’re obviously working. And he sits there for about three minutes and then the man stands up, he walks up to the door that says, “Do not come in” and he opens it and walks through. And all the other ten people are like, “Dude, you can’t do that, it says, ‘do not enter’.” About four minutes later the man comes back out of that door with the owner of the company and the owner says to the other ten, “Listen, we’ve filled the position. Thank you all for showing up, but the position is filled.” And one of the guys, one of the ten says, “Wait a second, I was here before that guy. You guys never gave me an interview.” And the owner says, “The entire time you’ve been in here, we’ve had a phrase looped on Morse code saying, “If you can read this, come in, the job’s yours.” You know, I think that that’s a lot like us and God revealing himself to us. I really believe that God is always there. It’s whether we’re gonna pay attention to see Him or not. I believe wholeheartedly that God desires to show up. He wants to show up in our situations. He wants to show up when we go places and what we do.

I’m gonna remind you guys of the story we saw on Jesus is Passing By, just to illustrate this. Do you guys remember that story, I was driving in Ocotillo, coming home and I met that guy at that gas station? I’m going to make it real fast for you guys that don’t. I was driving, I felt like the Lord pulled the gas out of my car because He needed me at this gas station. So, I pulled up to the gas station. There’s a guy and a motorcycle. The motorcycle is broke. It’s late at night. It’s starting to get cold and he’s trying to fix his motorcycle. Long story short, this guy recognized me because one time we were at a party together. His wife knows my wife and we just met one time and he’s like, “Hey, you go to Foothills.” We started talking. What was on the back of my truck? An empty trailer. What did he need? A truck with an empty trailer. I was like, “Lucas, where are you going?” He says, “Alpine.” “I’m going to Alpine too!” How many of you guys know, God is showing up to this guys life right now? Right? God is showing up, He sent a pastor to do this very thing and I said, “What off ramp?” Same off ramp! Come on Jesus! So, we get him on and I get him for an hour and a half, and in that hour and a half ride home he tells me about his life and how really has been searching and he gave his life to the Lord in the truck right there. You want to know why he gave his life to the Lord? Because God shows up. Because God showed up for Lucas. But there’s two things I want to show about this story. That’s why I wanted to tell it again. The first thing, is God shows up even when we don’t expect it. When we’re at a gas station in a desert, He’ll show up. But the second part is that God so often shows up through us, doesn’t He? Lots of times when God shows up, it’s because He has put one of us out there to do something like the one we just saw. He took a girl and said, “Go talk about behinds.” Right? You know, God just doesn’t want to reveal Himself, He wants to use you and I to do it. What if Jacob would have saw what God was doing and saying, “I am here for you, Jacob.” It’s not quite what happened.

My son, Landon, is 5 years old. A couple months ago we’re doing devotions. We always pray and tell the Lord that, “We don’t want to influence our kids to accept Christ. We want to tell them about You. We want to tell them how much we love You and respect You. But there’s a point in a kid’s life where he can understand it for himself and we don’t want to influence him to give his life to You until he’s at that point.” And all my kids are going to be different ages. And so a couple months ago we were sitting doing devotions. You know, when God shows up, we have to pay attention to His showing up, don’t we? We’re sitting there doing devotions and I heard the Lord speak to my heart. And I wonder how many times I’ve missed the Lord speak to my heart because I wasn’t willing to listen. But at this point I was. And the Lord says to me, “Neil, I am going to make Myself available to Landon right now. You watch and let’s see if he accepts.” I heard Him say that and all of a sudden I’m like my heart’s pounding because I’m realizing my son may accept Christ, the best thing ever, right now! And it was the coolest thing. All my other kids weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit. They were sitting there filled with some other spirit going nuts and crazy. And I’m trying to block them out. I’m trying to listen to my son, Landon. And at that point we are going over the story of Pentecost and Landon asked a question of me that I could have blown over so easily. He says, “Well, how did they get the Holy Spirit?” I mean, I could have said, “Jesus gives it.” But instead I said, “Jesus gives the Spirit to everyone, not just them.” He says, “Well, how do you get it?” And I get to start talking to him. I said, “Well, first Jesus comes into your life.” “Well, how does Jesus come into your life?” I’m like, “It’s happening!” “He says, ‘I stand at the door and knock and any man who asks me to come in, I will live with him.’” And then he says this question, “How do I open the door?” We’re going to do this right now! “Go get your mother, Gavin! Go get your mother!” because I know she wants to be a part of this. So, she comes running in and we do this thing. But you know, God wants to put Himself into our situations whether it’s a hard situation or a great situation. The question is: How available is our minds towards Him? And God was giving Jacob that time. And I just have to say this other point. A lot of times we think that God reveals Himself when we’re doing good. The better I am before the Lord, the more that He’s going to come upon me, the more that I can hear Him. That may be true in some circumstances but that doesn’t cut us off for the worst times. You know, Jacob was in a pretty horrible time. He was laying all alone, cold, rejected, right there on the ground. All alone, maybe with no future. He doesn’t know what happens when he’s going to go over to Laban. He is uncertain. And the Lord still shows up. You know, I gotta say this: There is no person to whom the Lord will not reveal Himself and there’s no situation in which the Lord will not be faithful. I don’t know where you are and I don’t know what situation you’re in and I don’t know what you did or what happened to you but I can make you a promise that God wants to reveal Himself to you in your life. Are you willing to look for Him? That was the first thing that Jacob missed but it’s something that we need to get because on our journey if we get that, we take Him everywhere we go.

Are you guys ready to look at the second thing that Jacob does? So, God comes and He reveals Himself to Jacob. Now, what does Jacob do? Remember, this is the first time that he’s ever experienced God. What does Jacob do? This is what Jacob does.

He was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place!”

Genesis 28:17a

Does he say, “How awesome is this God”? No. “How awesome is this person”? No. “How awesome that you’re given me this…” No. He says, “How awesome is this place!” He missed something, didn’t he?

“How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” So Jacob rose early in the morning and took the stone that he had put under his head and set it up as a pillar and poured oil on its top. He called the name of that place Bethel; (which means house of God) however previously the name of the city had been Luz.

Genesis 28:17-19

Listen, the first thing that Jacob did after getting God’s revelation is that he limited God to a location. Did you see that? Instead of saying, “Oh my goodness, this is the God that my father, my grandfather has talked about. What would you have me do?” That’s not what he does. Instead he goes, “Whoa, check this place out! This is that song that Led Zeppelin wrote about the stairway to heaven. It’s right here. He talked about a location. He put up an altar. Later on in his life he goes back to that same place twice. He kept God there. He limited God to a place called Bethel. The truth is most of us in here limit God, if we’re going to be real. We put limitations on God.

Don’t limit God.

Maybe they’re limitations to a location: “God moves at church, not at my house. God moves at church, not at my work. God moves at church, not at a gas station and not at a restaurant.” Can I tell you right now, God is not limited to the four walls that surround this building, is He? How many of you guys are thankful that God goes far beyond this house? Probably many of us have come to the Lord because God is not limited by these walls. But still, sometimes we tell God where He can move. We say things like this, “Oh man, I need God. Sunday can’t come fast enough.” Let me tell you what. God’s pretty good on Monday, too. He’s pretty great on Monday. We say, “God can move on me at church but God doesn’t come to work with me.” We put limitations.

I want to remind you of something I told you guys a long time ago. Four years ago my son, we were in the hospital, you guys know the story of Ryden. And we’re in a hospital, in a NICU with a dying baby. Not a baby that’s going to get better. No. They had told us he was going to pass. He was the only baby in the hospital that was not going to make it. And we had all these nurses. And they moved us to a separate room basically so that we could enjoy him while he was alive until he passed away. It’s not the church, is it? In fact, that’s a really hard place where maybe it would be really easy to say, “Oh, God doesn’t move there.” Can I tell you something? God busted the doors of that hospital down for us. You know, my son just celebrated his 4th birthday. He wasn’t supposed to have 1 birthday. God moved but that’s not the only way that God moved. It was really incredible to hear the things that the nurses would say because God went with us in that room. Our social worker came in one day and she says, “You know, I have to tell you guys, Neil, Heather, what’s going on around you.” We’re like, “What?” She says, “Our nurses call days in advance to get moved to your room because they say that there’s a different feeling in that room than there is in any part of the hospital.” Come on, Jesus. Right? It’s called the Holy Spirit and He’s not limited to the church. He’s not limited to these four walls. He goes with us into a room with a dying baby because He’s not limited to anything. One of the nurses said to my wife, “You know, watching you guys, I realize how I need to act to my husband.” God is moving in this person’s marriage because He goes with Heather and I where we go because we don’t limit Him to being here. One of the other nurses was sitting playing with the baby and she just blurts out, “I should go to church more.” Yeah, you should. God is not limited to locations. And sometimes we get stuck limiting God to a place when God says, “I want to go everywhere with you.” “Jacob, I want to go everywhere with you.” And He says it to us.

Maybe we don’t limit Him to a location. Maybe we do it differently. We limit Him to what He can do. I’m going to get vulnerable and tell you guys a story about when I did that. I did that big time. I was preparing for a message to preach on Sunday and I felt like the Lord had given me an idea of what to preach on. The problem was I could not get it out. I could not get it on paper. You know that people have writing blocks. Preachers have preaching blocks. We’re like, “This is a great idea” and then we just drool on our paper because we can’t get anything out. It was Thursday and I had been praying that whole week and the week before trying to get this thing out. I could feel it in here but it wasn’t coming out and it was Thursday and I was preaching on Saturday. Do you guys know how much anxiety you feel at that point knowing that there’s going to be 2300 people I have to preach to and right now I’ve got the word “the”. I walk these seats and I pray. And this day, it’s Thursday, and I’m praying to God and I’m like, “God, why can’t I get anything? Why are You not giving me the words that You want to preach this week? Why is it not coming through?” And then all of a sudden I started having these thoughts, “Oh, maybe, God, You’re telling me that You haven’t gifted me to preach. You’ve made me a communicator but for a different purpose. That maybe I’m not made to preach. I’ll do something else in the ministry.” Whine, whine, whine, right? “You know what? Thank You for showing this to me, God. I’m going to tell Mark and Dave to take me off the preaching schedule.” When I said that, it was the second most powerful time I’ve ever heard the words of the Lord come to me. I was standing right over there, right by Tony in the blue shirt. And I felt the words come to me like power. I said, “I’m going to go tell them to take me off the preaching schedule.” And the words go boom and the Lord says, “Do not tell me what I can and cannot do through you.” Yeah, that was powerful, right? “Do not tell me what I can and cannot do through you.” Then He says, “You do this.” Meaning, “You walk and you pray and you seek Me out.” And I felt Him point to the stage right here and say, “I’ll take care of that.” I almost limited God that day, right? I almost limited God in my life. You know what I’ve learned? That God is absolutely limitless. The only thing He’s limited by is what I limit Him in my own life. The only things that He can’t do are the things that I say, “God, You can’t do that for me.” God does not want to be limited to a location.

I got one more. It’s the most powerful time the Lord has ever spoke to me. This is the single most powerful time. Maybe you’re like, “I don’t limit Him to a location.” Maybe, “I don’t limit Him to what He does.” Let me tell you another thing. Sometimes we limit God to what He can give us. It was years ago, I was 15 years old maybe, and the sanctuary was in the other building, the Youth Center. And I was walking down the hallway, going to turn out, and I saw this absolutely beautiful girl, drop-dead gorgeous. And she’s talking, she was actually dating an 18 year old, stronger than I was, better looking than I was, had a car, and I was 15. And I said inside of my head, I made a vow inside of my head as I was walking by. I looked over and I saw her and I said, “I will never be able to get a girl like that.” I limited what God could give me. And the most powerful time the word of the Lord has ever come to me, He says this to me, “Do not tell me what I can and cannot give you.” Similar to what He said over there. “Do not tell Me, God, what I can and cannot give you, Neil.” I remember that so hard. That girl’s name was Heather Aubrey. Now her name is Heather Hoffman. Right? Eighteen year old nothing, right? The point I’m trying to make is don’t limit God. Let’s look at the scripture Matt 19:26. It says this…

And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, (with us, there are so many things that are impossible) but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

The only thing that’s not possible for you guys is what you make impossible. You know that if God calls something out of you to do something, to go somewhere, to say something to a lady at a restaurant, the only impossibility is your own that you limit God with. So, the question is: What have you limited God with? People who limit God serve a small God. People who put limitations on God serve a small God. So, the question is, maybe your God is big enough to protect your health, maybe your God is big enough to keep you safe, but maybe He’s not big enough to enter your finances, right? Maybe He’s not big enough to move through your finances. Maybe He’s big enough for you to give your Sunday’s to but He’s not big enough for Monday through Friday. Where have you limited God? Maybe He’s big enough to create the universe—just think about this—to create the universe, to set it into motion, the billions of galaxies, but He’s not big enough to fix your marriage? How do we limit God? And that’s a question we need to decide in here.

Let’s go to the next thing that Jacob does. Now, we know what God said. We know what Jacob did. Now what does he say? Genesis 28:20-21. This is Jacob, he’s now talking to God.

Then Jacob made a vow saying, “If God will be with me and will keep me on this journey that I take, and will give me food to eat and garments to wear, and I return to my father’s house in safety, then the Lord will be my God.”

Genesis 28:20-21

Jacob tries to make a deal with God. He tries to negotiate. And that’s our third point.

Don’t make deals with God.

Don’t try to make deals with God. Why? Because God makes promises, He doesn’t negotiate deals. Do you guys know that? God makes promises, He doesn’t negotiate our deals. And I know you’re thinking right now, “Yeah, I’m not going to make a deal with God.” The problem is we do it all the time. I’m going to give you one right now. Ready? “Lord, I’ll tithe if you make me more money.” That’s a deal. Right? That’s a deal. “Lord, I’ll quit this job if you first bring me something else. I know you want me to quit this job. I’ll do it. I’m so faithful, Lord, just bring me something else.” What we want to see is everything lined up for us, don’t we, before we walk out in faith? “Lord, I’ll break up with this boyfriend (or girlfriend)…” or “I’ll break off this relationship…” or “I’ll stop hanging out with these bad people IF you bring me someone else.” It’s this disease called you-go-first-God. You move first, God. You do this and then I’ll do this. Do you have that disease? God doesn’t play Deal or No Deal. God makes promises with us. “I’ll go to church, God, every Sunday if you make the preaching better…. or shorter. I’ll take either.” Right? Here’s a deal that many of us make that we don’t know we make. Okay, this is a subliminal deal that many people make with God. “God, I’ll serve you as long as some calamity doesn’t fall on me.” Oh, that’s a hard one because you only see that come out when calamity falls, don’t you? You see, people walk away from God when some hardship takes place in their life because they realize, “Oh, I made a deal with God. He had to take away calamity from me then I’ll give Him my life.” But here’s the truth. God doesn’t make deals, He makes promises. And did God ever promise any one of us that calamity would not fall? No, He didn’t so it’s a bad deal to make. God promises, actually, that calamity will fall. That hardships will come and that He’s the answer through all of them. Luke 4:12 says this. This is Jesus talking to Satan quoting the Old Testament.

And Jesus answered and said to him, “It is said, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

Luke 4:12

We should read that and think, “Lord, where have I put you to the test? Where have I negotiated a deal? Where have I tried to make something happen?” Here’s the thing about making deals… I want to go through another scripture. Here’s the secret about making a deal that makes it so bad. Isaiah 55:8-9. I love this verse. I think about it always because it dictates my life. Why is making deals so bad?

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8-9

That scripture right there is saying this, “Neil, you have no idea what I know. You have no idea how far I see. I see the future. I see the end from the beginning. I know all things.” And we know in other scriptures that God is for us, right? That God desires good things to happen. We have legal inside trading, right? It’s legal. God knows the end from the beginning and when I start making a deal, I take the God-factor out of my life. He says, “OK, you only get what you know.” You know, a lot of us, we just settle for a good thing when God has a God-thing on the table. When you make deals, you turn out to be like that lawyer in the very beginning of the story. You life turns out a different way than you want. Your situations go south and your deals break you down.

Let’s talk about what happened to Jacob. Jacob missed these things and made a deal and it cost him 20 years of his life. Fourteen years to get married. Twenty years of treacherous employment. Almost being killed by his family. Loneliness. I mean, you want to name it, he experienced it so different than Abraham and Isaac because Abraham and Isaac didn’t want to make a deal. They wanted to just move into God’s promise. So, where do we find him 20 years later? I love this part. Twenty years later, we find Jacob and he’s travelling back to the land of his fathers. He’s deathly afraid of his brother, Esau. He knows the second he gets out there, Esau’s going to kill him. But he’s so distraught with his life, he has to go out there. He feels he has to. The Bible says that he sends three companies of his people before him with all of his wealth as presents to Esau to hope that Esau will take the presents and not want to take his life. And then it says that Jacob split his family into two parts. He found out that Esau was coming with 400 men. If Esau found him and attacked him, his other family would leave. He was so distraught, his life had always been hard. His deals never made it. And he hears Esau is coming. And at that point the Bible says that he saw an angel walking by. And he no longer wanted any of the stuff that he made. He no longer cared about his own deal he made with God. He no longer wanted what Jacob could make Jacob. At that moment, he ran after that angel and he tackled that angel. Probably the only time a human has ever tackled an angel, right? And the Bible said he wrestled the angel and he would not give up. He would not stop. The angel says, “Why won’t you give up?” And he says, “Because I want the promise of God.” And at that moment, he gave up on his deal. He gave up on his agenda. He said, “If the Lord’s gonna reveal, it needs to be now.” He said, “I will no longer limit God and I don’t want my deal. I only need You in my life.” And at that point, Jacob’s life started looking more like Abraham’s and Isaac’s. So, the question before us today is do we want to wait 20 years to wrestle that angel. Do we want to wait 20 years through hardship or do we want to take the blessing now. The question before all of us and the thing that I want to ask you: If God says that He wants to reveal Himself to you, do you need to get a glimpse of God this morning? I don’t know what situations you’re in and I don’t know what’s going on in your life but I do know one thing: that God loves to come into our situations. He loves to come into our circumstance. He loves to come and move in our life. And He loves to move on our parenting and our marriages and our workplaces. The question is are you here saying, “Man, I could really use God moving in my life”?