Sermons by Neil Hoffman

Sermons by Neil Hoffman

The Power of Choice Image

The Power of Choice

Can I tell you something really neat about this service? This is the first Sunday of 2018, right now. So, if your New Year’s resolution was going to church every week, you are batting a thousand! I’m proud of you. I want to talk today about choices. Do you guys know that it is important to choose the right words when we talk, right? Anybody that’s married knows you’ve got to choose the right words to explain exactly what you’re…
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Condition of The Heart

I want to start off this morning’s message by talking about one of my friends, his name is Jose Alvarado. I want to explain to you a little bit of who Jose is and a picture is worth a thousand words so let me put a picture of him up first. This is my friend, Jose, he goes to our church. He has 7 daughters. I know, whoa, right? I have 5 boys and we talk about switching, you know…