Sermons by Mike Van Meter

Sermons by Mike Van Meter

You Become Like What You Worship Graphic

You Become Like What You Worship

Good morning, go ahead and open your Bibles to Exodus, chapter 20. Exodus chapter 20 is one of the most famous chapters of the Bible. It’s where we find the 10 commandments. We’re going to look at the first 2 commandments. The 10 commandments, just going over them really quick: You should have no other gods before God You shall make no graven images Don’t take His name in vain Keep the sabbath day holy Honor your father and mother…
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Still Jesus

Take out your Bibles and go ahead and open them to Hebrews Chapter 10. As you’re opening the Bibles I’m going to tell you guys about a trip that I go on every year. Neil and I run a ministry here in this church called Micah 6:8. It’s a young adult discipleship ministry. It’s usually like 8-15 18, 19, 20, 21-year old’s. It’s a year-long program where we meet twice a week. We have class. We do all kinds of…