Sermons by Mark Hoffman (Page 3)

Sermons by Mark Hoffman (Page 3)

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Are All Prayers Answered

The Bible exhorts us to pray and the Bible makes tremendous prayer promises and yet, as I talk to Christians, I find that most people, in a sense, struggle with prayer. They feel like they don’t pray enough, they should pray more. They don’t understand prayer. And one reason that people struggle with prayer is that they’ve been disappointed with unanswered prayer. So, what I want to do today is I want to talk about prayers that are not answered.…
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The Key To Everything

Three men are sitting at a table and a fourth man walks up to them. He had just come from a funeral. He sits down with the three men and he says, “Tell me, what would you want said over you when you are lying in your coffin and people are looking down at you?” The first man says, “Well, I’d like them to say that I was the greatest doctor they had ever known.” The second man says, “I…