Sermons by Jim Gilbert

Sermons by Jim Gilbert


Eat the Little Book

Thank you very much. You always have to kind of live up to the introduction, but you left something out. I also sell watches out of the trunk of my car. I’m so happy to see you. I actually found myself saying last night I’m so glad to be home because this is very much like home to me. I speak East County. I see the sign and I say “ham-a-shaw,” (for Jamacha), that is “ham-a-shaw.” That is not like…
who in the world are we graphic

Who in the World are We?

Mark Hoffman: I’d like to introduce to you our guest speaker. He has been coming to this church for probably 25 years, I would say, so he has had something to speak into this church many times, and he has had a profound effect. His name is Jim Gilbert. He is a worship leader. He has a number of CDs and albums. He is an author. He has written a number of books. Some of those you can order on…