Sermons by Dave Hoffman (Page 3)

Sermons by Dave Hoffman (Page 3)

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2 Important Questions About The Bible

Today’s message comes as a result of me talking to a college-aged girl. She came and she said, “Pastor Dave, how did we get the Bible? How did the Bible come to be?” And I thought, what a great question! I’ve studied it in seminary and all that. Off the top of my head, I came up with some things. And I really felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart as I was telling her… this is something we…
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Restoring a Friend

I’m going start off by simply asking a question (holding up a Bible): What is this book to you? And, only you can answer that question. I mean obviously it is the Holy Bible. What does it mean to you in your life? As a church, we believe it is the only rule for life and practicing life, living life because it’s God’s Word. We believe it’s inerrant as originally given as God inspired prophets and His apostles to write…