School Choice - Parent-Teacher resources

If you’re considering pulling your kids from the public schools but aren't sure where to go or what to do from there, we have options for you.  We have staff ready to assist you in the choices that are available in California right now. Learn about the Christian education options that are available to you right now. Listen to a brief explanation of each then go to breakout sessions to learn even more. (see bottom of page for video/audio of sessions)

To connect with staff and receive additional help/information, click on the "Help for Parents form" below:

For more information, contact:
-Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
-Family Protection Ministry
-Homeschool Freedom
-National Education Research Institute
-California Home Educator's Association (CHEA)
-Heritage Christian School (homeschool)
-Barton Reading & Spelling - Deborah Eckert certified tutor (619) 213-7372
-Freedom of Choice School Counseling for Grades K-12 - Services include: academic advising, college & career readiness, social/emotional development support. Contact: Kathy Granite, M.S., P.P.S. (760) 586-1376 

Gender Confusion Booklet Clearing up Gender Confusion in YouthFREE DOWNLOADABLE BOOKLET  
For Parents, Youth Leaders & Children ages 10 - 20
This pamphlet answers 4 questions:
1. Why are so many now identifying as something other than the gender of their birth?
2. What is the Biblical view of Sexual Identity.
3. What does the LGBTQ+ community say about the scriptures?
4. How should Christians respond to those struggling with sexual and gender confusion?
Mama Bear Apologetics Book Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality
For Parents, Youth Leaders & Children ages 10+
This book covers in depth topics such as dating, marriage, identity, objectification, pornography, sex, body shaming, homosexuality and more…. There are prompts and questions at the end of each chapter for leading discussions along with analogy and practical application suggestions for parents and leaders to implement.
Guide to Talking to Your Kids About Sex book Focus On The Family: Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex
For Parents & Children ages Birth - 25yrs
This book has hundreds of questions your child might ask with answers you can confidentially give.  It can be used to start conversations with your child, helping you to communicate effectively and biblically about topics such as basic anatomy, hormones, gender, dating, pornography, sex, rape, STDs, pregnancy, homosexuality, contraception, marriage and more.
Anatomy For Kids book Series:
I'm a Boy Series  "I'm a Boy" series (ages 8+) 
I'm a Girl series "I'm a Girl" series (ages 8+)
These illustrated books cover anatomy, hormones, puberty, conception, contraception, reproductive health.
- Public Education Religious Rights in California
- Parents Rights in California (including Sex Ed)- Union Dues Objectors (get your "dues" sent to a charity of your choice)- Laws about Vaccine Mandates (scroll to to bottom of page)
- Information for Businesses 
- Click HERE for the link to view the meeting with attorney Brad Dacus at Pacific Justice Institute.
- - Christian Tutors of America- Christian School Employment- Christian Educators Association International- Association of American Educators- California Home Educator's Association (CHEA)
- One Room School Method

Christian Education Options - Media

Download the PDF Overview


Pastor Mike Van Meter, Foothills Christian Church Men's Director


EDUCATION OPTIONS - Overview          

Sandi Foreman, SchoolChoice Director Foothills Christian Church

Education Options AUDIO

Lane 1 -Independent Homeschool Education           

Jasmine McIntyre, Independent Home Educator

Lane 1 AUDIO

Lane 2 -Christian Homeschool Program                 

Vicki Stormoen, Principal Heritage Christian School 

Lane 2 AUDIO

Lane 3 - charter schools                  

Elaine Lopez, Educational Specialist Julian Charter School

Lane 3 AUDIO

Lane 4 - Private Schools                 

Gina Hoffman, Principal Foothills Elementary School
Foothills Elementary School
Foothills Middle School
Foothills High School

(no audio)

Lane 5  - One Room Educational Model                

Bree Chiddik, One Room 

Lane 5 AUDIO