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Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

My Story

My name is Michelle Anderson, I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca. I grew up knowing who God was and how important a relationship with Him is. That Jesus died for me so I could have this relationship and that talking to him was as easy as talking to anyone standing right in front of me. I started coming to Foothills in February 2007. From the moment worship began I felt something that I have never felt before and I believe that to be the Holy Spirit and I’ve been coming ever since. In August of 2008 I accepted a one day a week receptionist position which has turned into a Children’s Admin Assistant. Everything I have I know is by the Grace and Love that Jesus has for me.

Hope for Foothills Church

My prayer is that every single child that comes here will leave knowing who they are in Christ and they are loved and priceless in His eyes.

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