Welcome to My Foothills

You have asked and we have delivered. With My Foothills you can keep all of your contact information in one place. We want to protect your and your families information. My Foothills encrypts contact and financial information making it a very secure platform.

With My Foothills you no longer have to enter all of your information each time you sign up for an event. As long are you are logged in it will auto-fill sign up forms with all of your information.

Want to sign up a a child or check in your child to Sunday service? It is easy and more secure with My Foothills.

You can access My Foothills by clicking here to sign in.

If you didn’t receive a link in your email to sign up then fill out this for here to get the process started.

There is a “My Foothills Overview” and “Profile Settings” button on the home that give you a video instruction for more information. Check them out.