Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

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Women’s Director
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Linda Hoffman

My Story I was raised in a Catholic family that put a strong emphasis on belief in God. At 13 years old I had an encounter with God that made me know He was REAL and loving and good. I wanted to know so much more about Him. I got involved in a Pentecostal Church where I learned about the Holy Spirit and the power God made available to learn His Will and discover His purpose for my life. My…
Linda Hoffman’s Assistant
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Fawn Goodrich

My Story I was born last in a rather large raucous family of 7 on the north side of Chicago. My parents were independent thinkers who, although they loved their families of origin, did not want to live a life similar to them. We traveled in the way, way back of a station wagon all over the US whenever we had school vacations. That love for travel, follows me today. My father wanted us be raised in the church, which…
Women’s Ministry Assistant
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Sindy Richards

My Story Raised in El Cajon as the youngest in a family with an alcoholic father made it easy to see that nothing but Jesus was the answer to life’s big questions. I quickly learned that being good and quiet was the way to stay out of the strike zone at home and became a “pleaser”. But was that what God wanted of me? God was gently calling me into relationship. While at SDSU, I finally understood that Jesus came…