Department Heads

Department Heads

Women’s Director
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Linda Hoffman

My Story I was raised in a Catholic family that put a strong emphasis on belief in God. At 13 years old I had an encounter with God that made me know He was REAL and loving and good. I wanted to know so much more about Him. I got involved in a Pentecostal Church where I learned about the Holy Spirit and the power God made available to learn His Will and discover His purpose for my life. My…
Multimedia Director
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Jim Hammond

My Story I’m a native Californian. My parents settled in East County when my father was discharged from the Navy. They got plugged into a church about that same time, and I asked the Lord into my heart at the Billy Graham Crusade in 1976. I got involved in technical production in the early 80’s with Christian Youth Theater & Christian Community Theater. For 2 summers during high school I traveled with a group called Continental Singers. Those tours took…
Print Production
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Terresa Mckinsey

My Story I have been married to my best friend, Roger for almost 30 years, have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren. I came to Foothills at my sons urging. They had started to go to Youth Venture and were in the beginning of their relationship with Jesus. They wanted to share with me what they had found. I came, Jesus met me at the altar and I’ve never left. Within 6 months I was working here, cleaning buses and bathrooms…
Finance Manager
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Audrey Ross

My Story I grew up always going to church, but my family and I experienced a radical shift when we started attending Foothills. I was going into 6th grade and was at a pivotal age in life, so God had a perfect occasion to reach out to me and change the course of my future. I am so grateful that He did. From that point on, I began to amass new friends and mentors that were willing to encourage me…
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Eric Cox

My Story I was born and raised in San Diego.  I am a husband to the girl of my prayers and dreams and a father of 5. I grew up going to the beach, boogie boarding and surfing. At around 10 years of age I remember watching a surf contest on TV and at that moment what I wanted to be when I grow up was surf filmer. Also at that age I was invited to Foothills Christian Church from…
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Garrett Masters

My Story I was born in San Diego and, due to my family situation I moved out of my parents house when I was 12. Though I attended church during my childhood and adolescence, I did not truly know and follow Jesus until I turned 21. After just graduating college I headed back to San Diego from Tennessee. On the surface it appears that the Lord was nowhere to be found in my life prior to my conversion. I was…