Baptism is a momentous step in every believer’s life.  It is a sign and a seal of everything God gives us in salvation. Baptism signifies the washing away of sins, identifying with Christ in His death and resurrection, the initiation into His Church and so much more.  Baptism is a public confession of faith in Christ and signifies your entrance into the New Covenant.

At Foothills we practice full-immersion baptism.   A baptismal is set up at the front of the sanctuary and each person baptised is placed fully under the water. (We try to do things just as they did in the Bible.)  If the person being baptised cannot be fully immersed in water because of physical disability – we will make accommodations.

The Baptism services at Foothills are a celebration!  We baptize each one during the worship time at the beginning of service.  Friends and family are free to move up close to the baptismal to celebrate with those being baptised and take pictures if they like.  Members of the Foothills Ministry Team pray with and bless those being baptised immediately.  Family and friends are encouraged to join in the prayer.

At Foothills we do not practice infant baptism.  We only baptize those old enough to make a conscious, informed decision to follow Christ.  We do practice child dedications – where parents present their child to the Lord in front of the entire congregation and dedicate the child to God.

Some people who have been baptized before (as an adult) seek to be re-baptized.  Depending on the situation, it may not be necessary.  Those seeking re-baptism should contact Foothills prior to the day of the baptism service.

At Foothills we hold baptism services approximately every 6 weeks.  Those wishing to be baptized must attend a mandatory Baptism Orientation class one hour before the baptism service in room A6.  Participants should bring a towel and wear something modest to be baptized in.  We suggest shorts and a dark tee-shirt.

Baptism: Jim Deyling (619) 997-9606