Scrip is a program that allows you to support Foothills schools with money you spend anyway on everyday purchases.

Instead of paying with cash, you simply plan ahead a little and buy a Scrip gift card for the retailer where you plan to shop.
For example, let’s say you plan to purchase a pair of shoes from Payless Shoes that cost $20.  Instead of paying cash, purchase a Payless gift card for $20 from the Foothills School  of your choice.  When you go to Payless, use the card to pay for your purchase.  You spend the same amount of money either way – but with a Scrip card the school receives a percentage of your $20, and Payless gets the rest.
Scrip gift cards are available from a wide variety of retailers such as Albertsons Grocery Stores,  Macy’s, Home Depot, Arco Gas. a wonderful variety of restaurants and much, much more!  Almost anything you buy is available through Scrip.
To find out more, see a list of retailers and donation percentages and to download Scrip forms select the Foothills school you wish to support.  Simply click on the button below for the school you wish to support.  Once you are directed to that school’s website, click “Support” in the top right navigation links:
Button - ElemSch Button - JHSch Button - HighSch