Essentials of Marriage: Handle with Care

NEW MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT COURSE 6:30pm Tuesdays, 6 weeks starting Jan 19, room A5 Larry and Robin Bridgeforth: 619-244-4026 Essentials of Marriage: Handle with Care. It’s a lively DVD presentation from some of today’s top experts like Dr. John Trent, Dave Ramsey, and Kay Arthur. They spell out strategies for dealing with the biggest threat couples […]


Peer Counselors

PEER COUNSELORS 9am Sundays, 5 weeks, begins Jan 24, room A1 Michell Cook 619-442-7728 Learn effective skills to help others through difficult times. Michell and Diane Cook and peer counselor volunteers are offering training to provide two-to-one care, prayer, and support to those here at Foothills who are going through a difficult time. Be sure […]