At Foothills we believe that the purpose of women’s ministries is to play a vital role in the lives of women so that the benefit is felt throughout the entire family.  Women care about their relationships and want to strengthen them.  We help women do that.  Women who are close to God draw others close to Him.

There are a variety of women’s ministries at Foothills – each born in the heart of a woman who believed that what she needed was a need for other women too - whether she was the mother of a special needs child who longed for the support of other parents, a woman who believed that the study of Scripture would have a positive impact in her life, or one who knew the value great cooking has for new wives.  As these women share their experiences and knowledge, others benefit and a women’s ministry is born.

Our groups are by the desire for relationship, training and support.  Our motto is Nobody Walks Alone.

We invite you to peruse the ministries listed on the left and find those that seem to be a great fit for you.  Then please join us.  We’d enjoy having you in our family!

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Women's Leadership Retreat


CD’s from the weekend speakers will be on sale in the CD booth after weekend services for $10 for all sessions.  

FAWN GOODRICH (619) 954-2185

Large Group Ministries

Large Groups and Classes usually run during the Winter/Spring semester and again in the Fall.  They can run from 6 to 12 weeks.  They usually break for Summer and Holidays.  Childcare is often provided.  They are centered around the study of the Bible or a topical study.  Even though they meet in a large group for teaching they almost always break up into small groups during the class for more personal connection and growth.  Large Groups are a great way to meet other women and build relationships.  Please feel free to call or email the contact person for more information.

  • ·        Heart of God
  • ·        In His Presence
  • ·        MomEase
  • ·        Monday Night Bible Study

Annual Women's Retreat

“Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”  Hebrews 4:16

A little bit of QUIET…  a little bit of PERSPECTIVE…  and a lot of LAUGHING can change your entire outlook on life!

That’s what we strive to accomplish each year at the annual Foothills Women’s Retreat.  Let us help you figure out what in the world is going on in your life and what your next steps might be.  It’s a great time get a little rest and gain fresh perspective.

Plus, it is an opportunity to renew old friendships or gain new and lasting ones. 

This truly is a retreat and not a conference.  The schedule provides lots of free time to focus, spend time with God and listen for the wisdom He has to offer for what’s ahead in your life.  The wisdom may come from a speaker, time in the hot springs with a friend, during a game of volleyball or in the time you spend alone.

Each retreat features:

  • Speakers
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Great Worship
  • Hot Springs
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bookstore

College Cooking and Mentoring

Feed yourself and your friends!  Compared to dining out, cooking is healthier plus it saves time and money. We would like the opportunity to help you learn new cooking skills and life skills with women who have walked the path before you.  Share a meal together and fellowship in a small group atmosphere.

This group offers Spring and Fall sessions that meet on Friday nights from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  Each session is 7 weeks.  Space is limited.

TAMI STECKLAIR (619) 469-8150
JANNETTE BAERTSCH (619) 449-4394

Heart of God Women's Bible Study

Heart of God Women’s Bible study provides a place for women of all ages to gather together with the common goal of studying God’s Word on a daily basis and applying His principles in our daily lives.

It is an ideal time to connect with other women and glean from each other’s experiences.  In addition to a large group teaching we offer small group interaction all in a setting in a wonderful atmosphere for brunch. Within the small group time we discuss things like our walk of faith and foundational truths.  We also provide an opportunity to train for leadership in the small group setting.

We meet every Friday during the school year from 9:30am to 11:30am in room A-1.

Class fees vary depending on the length and cost of the study.


January 24, 2014 – April 11, 2014
Study:  ‘The Patriarchs” by Beth Moore
Cost:  $28 for the workbook and supplies,  books available at registration
Scholarships available, Child care f or children five years and younger


In His Presence

This night filled with worship is open to women in all season of life.  In addition to heartfelt worship there are 3 to 4 testimonies by women from different walks of life relating the faithfulness and goodness of God in the midst of their need.  Plus, there is plenty of opportunity for prayer.

The Bible states that in His presence there is joy… and we believe that wholeheartedly!

Worship is a powerful way to draw closer to God.  To hear authentic experiences of the women around us and learn how God revealed Himself to them is a powerful way to understand the truth about God and become changed.  Every woman who joins us will have plenty of opportunities to respond to God – both in what He might speak directly and through prayer.  It is amazing to hear what the Lord has for us through the prayers of another woman.

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and refresh women as they are ‘In His Presence’.  We meet 3 to 4 times a year.  Sometimes we meet on a Wednesday in the Youth Auditorium and other times it’s on Friday in the Sanctuary.  We always meet at 6:30pm.

Be sure to check our Foothills calendar under RESOURCES to see when our next night of worship is scheduled.

Childcare available for children 5 years old and younger.


Mom Ease

Mom Ease is a ministry designed to connect mothers of preschool aged children and provide a practical environment for sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Mom Ease meets the last Wednesday of each month from 9:00am to 11:00am.  There is a $5 fee per month.  Sessions run February to May and August to November. Childcare is available for children 5 years and under.

HEATHER KLEMME (623) 326-8901

Monday Night Women's Bible Study

The Monday Night Women’s Bible Study is a place where women can come together to build foundational biblical beliefs and learn practical ways to apply those beliefs to their lives. This group does not meet on an ongoing basis – so classes vary in length and availability according to the needs of the women at Foothills and the length of the materials chosen for each season. The class provides an opportunity for women to grow and get to know other women.  Plus it provides an opportunity to discover other available ministries at Foothills that are designed to meet specific needs – such as Living Intentionally, MomEase and Not Alone.


We live in a performance-based world; it’s easy to question our value based on what we have done, good and bad.  Join us to learn how to be free to enjoy Christ’s love while no longer basing your value on your accomplishments or on the opinions of others.  You may know the truth, but are you really applying it to how you think?

Ask yourself:  How do I feel when I fail at something?  Is doubt robbing me of joy?  Do you ever think, “If I could just do it right, I would feel better about myself?  What if people don’t approve of me?

Do you find yourself saying, “It is what it is.  This is never going to change.”  “Do I really believe that God’s love for me is unconditional?”

If any of these questions really got you thinking, this class is a good fit for you.

The class begins Monday,  February 25th and runs for 8 weeks.  We meet from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in Room A1 at Foothills Church.

Cost for this class is $10.  You can sign up during regular weekend services.  Child care is provide for children 5 and younger.

LORI REYNOLDS (619) 787-1117

Morning Prayer for Women's Ministries

Join us to pray for upcoming women’s events and ministries.  We meet in the Foothills sanctuary on certain Saturdays each month.  Email notifications are sent regularly with specific meeting dates.

If you’d like to join us, contact Niki Atherton to be added to the email list and you will receive all our prayer requests and meeting announcements.

NIKI ATHERTON (619) 339-7585

New Day Women's Center

New Day Women’s Center is a community for women of all backgrounds to connect and share opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth through seminars, classes, support groups, counseling and coaching services within the center as well as in outreach to the community.

Women need a place where we can talk about what’s going on in our lives – a place where we can be heard, supported, encouraged and feel safe to express our feelings, challenges and struggles.  We need a place where we won’t be judged but will be pointed towards solutions and resources.

NDWC is for those of us who may function very well in most areas of our lives yet face challenges at times that can be overwhelming. During those times we need a place where we can find encouragement and support in a community of women who really understand.  That’s what New Day Women’s Center is all about.  You will find quality services, relevant to what’s going on in your life to help you become stronger, happier and healthier in ways that can have a lasting impact on your family and community.

(619) 713-1544

Parent Resource Group

This is a small group that provides practical, emotional and spiritual support for parents and families who have children with any type of disability or special need.  We meet the last Sunday of every month at 1:00pm.  The location varies so please call to find out where the next meeting will be held or if you have questions.

MARYANN VINSON  (619) 549-9463

Pure Desire - For Women

Betrayal and Beyond is a ministry to women who are dealing with issues of broken trust due to their partner’s sexual issues. The venue is a small group setting, where women can take off their masks and be real about themselves and their situation.

The small groups provide a safe place to process pain and work through healing by sharing, listening, crying, laughing, learning, loving and praying with each other, while going through the Pure Desire workbook: Betrayal and Beyond. The groups will cover seven pillars of healing, starting with Managing the Crisis and ending with Restoring Health and Closeness.

As we walk in openness with each other, God does His work of cleansing and healing, and we learn to no longer live in isolation, but instead live in community with one another.

Contact Sue Bastrom for information on participating in one of the groups.  Participation in this group requires that members regularly attend services at Foothills Church.

SUE BASTROM (619) 466-3991

Women's Breakfast - Saturday Morning Special

Breakfast for Women 18 to 88

This is breakfast for women of all ages, whether you are 18 or 88. Join us for good food, great conversation, and chance to make new friends.

Saturday Morning Special is a great opportunity to invite friends and family that don’t come to church. It’s a fun event filled with friendly women. If you are new to Foothills, this is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and find out about what’s happening in the women’s ministry.

Find out More >>

Women's Bunco Night

Need a night to relax, laugh and just hang out with a bunch of ladies? We have just the event for you.  Have you been waiting for a fun event to invite some friends to?  This is your chance!

Foothills Womens Ministry is hosting its first Bunco night.  And we would love to have you.  It’s easy to learn, so don’t worry if you’ve never played before.

Bunco Night is August 19th in Foothills Room A-1 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  We only have room for 60 women.  Cost is $10 per person.

Bring a friend and be entered in a raffle for $100.00!

BREE GIBSON (619) 742-9453

Women's Healing Workshop

This Christ centered small group is designed to bring God’s healing and love to any woman who has experienced early-life physical or emotional abuse or neglect.

Call for information on when the next session begins.

LISA CLANNIN (619) 749-4427
BEVERLY AVELAR (619) 322-1007

Women's Mother's Day Luncheon

Womans Luncheon Foothills Christian Church from Foothills Church on Vimeo.

It’s more than simply enjoying a beautiful lunch and savoring delicious delicacies.  Our annual lunch is about sharing quality time and great conversation with family and friends, making new connections and laughing together with women of all ages.

Once a year the women who host tables bring out the treasures that have been tucked away and dazzle us with their creative settings and style.

Our next Mother’s Day Lunch will be held Saturday, May 4, 2013, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM in the Foothills Youth Center at 315 W. Bradley Ave. in El Cajon.

Ladies of all ages are invited – with or without your mother and you don’t need to be a mother to attend.

This year our focus will be on laughter.  Embracing those moments in life with family and friends that just make you laugh!!!  This year’s speakers, Stephanie Jones, Robin Saffer and Karrie Garcia will share stories that make you realized you are not alone in life’s “funniest” moments.

The cost is $10 per person – hostesses can purchase an entire table for $80.

You can register for the luncheon between April 6th through April 27th at weekend services at Foothills Church.

SUE BASTROM (619) 466-3991

Women's Small Groups and Mentoring

Join us for small groups and one-on-one mentoring!

Women’s Mentoring is a ministry to women that features relationship through small group participation and one-on-one mentoring.

The small group provides women with an immediate place to belong as they grow in their relationship with Christ.  In the small group environment participants have the opportunity to connect with other women and establish relationships that organically develop into one-on-one mentoring.  If you are interested in joining one of the small groups or if you have questions please contact Fawn Goodrich.

For those who prefer to step immediately into a one-on-one mentoring relationship, that option is available as well.  Please contact Kathy Martin.  She will send you a profile card to get you started and provide more detailed information about Women’s one-on-one Mentoring.

We are so anxious to get to know you and hope you find this to be a great ground breaking way to build relationship.  The groups are small and we want it to be a safe place for women to grow.  We are looking forward to getting to know you.

FAWN GOODRICH (619) 954-2185
KATHY MARTIN (619) 698-8420

Young Wives

Young Wives is a ministry for newly-wed women (married less than 5 years), who are eager to build a strong foundation for their marriage based on the Word of God and its Truths.  Our goal is to equip you to be an excellent and godly wife.  We cook dinner together, eat together, we have Bible Studies based on issues newly weds face, and we have A LOT of fun!

Meets one Friday night a month for 9 months, Sept-May, 6:00-9:30.  Space is limited, no childcare available.  Cost is $5 each meeting for the meal.

HEATHER HOFFMAN (619) 857-1127

From Women 2 Women

From Women to 2 Women is a small group designed to disciple women to take their rightful position in the Kingdom of God. We teach women who God has made them to be. What His plan and purpose is for each one specifically.
Have you asked:
*Why am I here?
*Do you have plans for my future?
*How do I find out what those are?
*Is there anything preventing me from moving forward from where I am now?
*Can I miss what God has for me?
*Do you feel like there has to be something more?

Please join us on a weekly basis to discover who you are. We always open in prayer and worship. We have an 8 week teaching. Topics like:
What does God have for us? Who does God say that I am? Who is God to me? How do I have faith? Can I overcome this? How do I think the way He thinks? What is His vision?

We have two small groups meeting now.
Friday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Michele Franklin’s Home
11844 Northill Terrace
Lakeside, CA 92040

Saturday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Jeanine Stacy
1594 Jade Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92019

Call Claudia Bainqualls if you would like more information or have any questions
Phone: (619-387-6618)