Upcoming events:

God & Dreams Conference

Saturday, May 27 from 9-2pm in the youth auditorium
Gifted dream interpreter Steve Maddox will explain why God gives us dreams, how dreams have changed the world and what to do when you have a dream from God. He’ll use dreams from Scripture to explain how and why God can speak through dreams. Plus, Steve will share some tips on how to understand your own dreams.

Cost: $20 at the door. Pre-registration is available on-line or just show up!
There will be a lunch break. Lunch is on your own at nearby restaurants.
Questions? Contact: Sindy Richards at (619) 905-5654
Sorry, child care is not available at this event.

Baby Dedication Class

Sunday, May 28 @9am in room C3 (Middle School building)
If you are interested in learning more about Baby Dedication, there will be a mandatory class on Sunday, May 28 @9am in Room C3 (Middle School building).  The actual Baby Dedication will be on Sunday, June 11 @10:45 in the sanctuary.
Please call Deanna McCormick at (619) 454-4177. You must be on Deanna’s list to be included.


Tuesday, May 30
Speaker: Chelsea Cox “Cultivating a Life of Simplicity”
Please see “MomEase” (under Upcoming Events) for more information 

Girl’s Lunch Out

Sunday, June 11
Please see “Girl’s Lunch Out” (under Upcoming Events) for more information

There is a lot going on in the Women’s Ministry here at Foothills!
You can find detailed information for each category by clicking the links below.

At Foothills we believe that the purpose of women’s ministry is to play a vital role in the lives of women so that the benefit is felt throughout the entire family.  Women care about their relationships and want to strengthen them.  We help women do that.  Women who are close to God draw others close to Him.

There are a variety of women’s ministries at Foothills – each born in the heart of a woman who believed that what she needed was a need for other women too – whether she was the mother of a special needs child who longed for the support of other parents, a woman who believed that the study of Scripture would have a positive impact in her life, or one who knew the value great cooking has for new wives.  As these women share their experiences and knowledge, others benefit and a women’s ministry is born.

Our groups are by the desire for relationship, training and support.  Our motto is Nobody Walks Alone.

We invite you to peruse the ministries listed on the left and find those that seem to be a great fit for you.  Then please join us.  We’d enjoy having you in our family!