Healing Center

Ministry of Healing for People Who are Suffering

Jesus revealed God’s attitude toward sickness and disease by “healing all who came to Him” (Matthew 12:15).

At Foothills we really believe in the power of God to heal through prayer.  God is a loving Father who wants to heal His children. We partner with Him in the Healing Center by praying for anyone who is ill or suffering.

Hours:  Saturday 9am to 10:30am and Thursday 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Appointments available at (619) 442-7728  ~  Walk-ins welcome!


Marie has a long history of serious illness and is wheelchair-bound. On July 28 her husband found her unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital. She was suffering a massive infection. Her blood pressure was dangerously low and dropping, her lungs began to fail and she was placed on breathing assist in ICU. Even with extreme measures her body went into sepsis. The years of illness and suffering had left Marie at death’s door. The doctors did not expect her to live through the night. Her family tearfully gave a “Do Not Resuscitate” order. However, Marie’s niece, Laura, works at the Healing Center. She arranged for some of her Healing Center friends to come up and pray over Marie and with the family. The Lord ministered to many of Marie’s family that night, but Marie’s condition continued to deteriorate. Later that evening she went Code Blue (respiratory failure). The prayer team went to work and persisted in prayer for Marie’s life during the night. In the morning Marie began a rapid turnaround. Her vitals stabilized, blood pressure improved to the point she was taken off meds, and she began breathing on her own. Her white blood cell count dropped tremendously. ICU staff said,”This is not the same person!” She was released from the hospital on Wednesday and actually attended her daughter’s wedding on Saturday! Laura, a hospice nurse, said, “I see death often. Marie was dying. Her turnaround is a miracle!”


Heidi was a smoker for 33 years. She’d tried quitting before – but no success. She decided to come to the Healing Center for prayer.  Heidi put a patch on Tuesday – then came in Thursday. She says, “It was an awesome experience! As they laid their hands on me that day, I felt the addiction break. It’s been 6 months and I haven’t had one cigarette since!”


After years of inexplicable health problems, Nick’s doctors finally discovered the tumor that explained the symptoms he suffered. His doctors were reluctant to operate because the tumor was on his pituitary gland, imbedded in the front center of Nick’s brain. Because of the risks involved, they settled for treating the symptoms unless the tumor grew large enough to affect his vision. For nearly a year Nick faithfully received prayer at the Healing Center, at church and the home fellowship he attends. On two occasions recently, while receiving prayer he experienced an intense warmth and vibration that started between his eyes and moved straight back into his brain. Nick felt certain that God was healing him. Almost a year later, Nick underwent another MRI to check the progress of the tumor’s growth. This is what was written in the MRI report: “Normal. Specifically, the pituitary gland reveals no evidence of a micro-adenoma or other abnormality.” The tumor was gone! (The actual doctor’s report is on file at the Foothills Church office.)


Ginger had been unable to hear out of her right ear for several months. Her specialist had opened the canal twice but it closed back up. He scheduled her for an operation to install a tube, but a week before the operation Ginger came to the Healing Center. During prayer her ear canal opened spontaneously. Ginger says, “I canceled the operation. I can’t stop telling people about my Great Physician!”


After visiting Urgent Care for pain, Ron learned he had a kidney stone so large that surgery was the only real option. Four days before the scheduled operation, he came to the Healing Center. After receiving prayer he passed the kidney stone the next day. His doctor ran another CT scan, cancelled the pre-op and told Ron, “You don’t need surgery!”


Dave had been experiencing shortness of breathe, an irritated throat and constant coughing. His doctor diagnosed mold in his lungs. After three weeks of no improvement Dave visited the Healing Center. One of the team members placed their hands directly on Dave’s chest as they prayed. Dave relates, “It felt so good! I could feel heat soothing my lungs. It was weird, but for about 2 hours afterward I could actually feel my lungs. I could have traced them on my chest with a pen.” He was completely healed and has had no problem since.


5 years ago Julie was in an accident that left her in pain and permanently unable to straighten her elbow. Lots of therapy and multiple treatments were no help. Slated for surgery, Julie instead visited the Healing Center recently. During prayer the pain subsided. After prayer she tested her elbow and it went straight. Julie called a week later to say, “It’s fantastic! For the first time in five years I can actually straighten my arm completely!”


On one particular Thursday, at the Healing Center, a single team prayed over 7 different people and led 3 of them to the Lord! One man had been addicted to drugs since he was 11. A woman heard about us from her children who had been begging her to come to church. John, one of the team members, said afterward, “It was an amazing night! I’ve been a Christian for 21 years and I don’t think I’ve led 3 people to Christ ever.”

(Many people come in for the healing of their body but if they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ they often experience His presence and encounter His love and power for the first time, which results in them inviting Him to be a part of their lives.).