Foothills offers Christ-centered counsel for individuals, married couples and families with one of our biblical counselors.

PASTOR MICHELL COOK (619) 442-7728

Foothills offers counseling that is specifically geared toward issues women encounter.

JUDI BIZZELL (619) 813-9592


Peer to peer counseling provides confidential, one-on-one Christian care to people who are facing crisis, life challenges, or difficult times and could benefit from the care of a supportive Christian friend.

PASTOR MICHELL COOK (619) 442-7728

Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing is a support group committed to extending love, grace and truth to those who are impacted by homosexuality – family, friends and especially the individual with same sex attractions.

The group meets at 7:00pm each Tueasday at Foothills Christian Church in Rm A8.

ARCHIE PENNEY  (619) 316-2644
ELENA PENNEY (619) 316-2643
PATTY ORTIZ (619) 218-5579

Recovery Group

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please let us come along side you and offer support and encouragement.  We meet each Monday at 7:00pm in the Multi-purpose Room of the Youth Building.

BRIAN STORM (760) 787-9432

Freedom Classes

At this time in 2016, this class is only available for leadership training.

In 2017, this class will be opened to everyone.


Week 1

Parable of the Kingdom

Sometimes familiarity robs us of the depth and richness of the truth that sets us free. Join us as we use a parable to help you think differently about Jesus and His work in your life.

The Kingdom of God is the presence and the power of God. We all enter this Kingdom at different levels of life experiences. It causes us to interpret very differently what it means to “give our life to Christ.” Some have not yet understood that Jesus came to set up God’s Kingdom on earth. Nor do they understand the power of God to free them and to transform and change them. Christ came to set us free, but we often hear, “Now you have to stop being bad and be good.” We get stuck and need to see the power of the Kingdom in a new way.

Week 2

Levels of Change

This class is designed to help identify and avoid traps common to man’s attempt to change his own life. Even more important, this class explains God’s provision and strategy for changing your life from the inside out.

Galatians 2:20. “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

The life of a believer is no longer the life of the believer. The life of the believer comes from the one that we believe in. The dilemma is that the enemy can say to us “Jesus died for you so you should try harder to do better.” The enemy wants you to work harder with the wrong tools. The goal of this teaching is to think differently about the transformation process of a believer. There are 5 distinct levels of change. 4 you can do something about. One was done for you.

Week 3

Kingdom of God

This class is designed to help you understand the message of Jesus and the reason His message carried so much power to transform people’s lives. Jesus wants to give us a whole new way of living. The scriptures say,”Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” If we think it means “You better straighten up because the kingdom of God is coming soon” we are going to miss the most important phrase. The kingdom of God is at hand. Why think differently? Why change the way that we see and the way that we think? Because there is something present here among us. The phrase “at hand” means, reach out your hand because this is where the Kingdom of God is. It’s within your reach–within arm’s length. Change the way you take in reality because in the room with you right now is a kingdom that is filled with LIFE, power and love, peace, joy and rightness. Change the way you think because in the room, in your car, in your kitchen, at your place of work, in the nursery– everywhere you go– the kingdom of God is within reach and the only thing that prevents you from accessing it could be the way that you see.

Week 4

Hearing from God

If God speaks to us, then we have to learn to recognize, hear, and discern His voice. ALL of us can hear God. Hearing the voice of God is central to living out your created design. This class discusses ways to hear God and HOW we can discern that it is really God we are hearing. When we hear God personally, it changes us forever and we become passionate seekers of the One we have personally encountered.

Week 5

Life in the Kingdom

There is a part of kingdom living that is God’s part and there is a part of kingdom living that is ours. In this class we are going to look at different areas of life and try to pick out what is my part in this Kingdom living and what part is Gods. And hopefully what it will do is get us unstuck from this place of trying to do what is really Gods. When we understand the tools that God have given us, we begin to have victory. The power of core lies, soul wounds, life patterns and demonic oppression begin to break off. At every critical point in our lives, Satan is right there waiting to inform us about what that moment means, and what is true about you because of that moment….AND SO IT GOD. We will learn to discern the voices, get rid of the wrong one and walk in God’s transforming power and truth.


Information for Kairos Conference: 

Dates: April 7th & 8th and August 25th & 26th

Where: Gateway Church, South Lake campus (Texas)

Note: KAIROS is a free event, but freedom foundations is greatly encouraged before attending. Curriculum and light snacks are provided. Children’s ministry is not available for this event. 

Register online here:—when-eternity-steps-into-time

Women's Healing Workshop

This Christ centered small group is designed to bring God’s healing and love to any woman who has experienced early-life physical or emotional abuse or neglect.

Call for information on when the next session begins.

LISA CLANNIN (619) 749-4427
BEVERLY AVELAR (619) 322-1007