Go therefore and make disciples…”

Disciples are learners.  At Foothills we strive to follow Jesus’ example of learning and growing in a small group setting.  We have a vast and varied selection of small groups to meet each disciple’s unique needs and differing stages of growth.  Our small groups differ in size and focus, but each shares the same goal – applying the Word of God to our everyday lives and growing in love for God and each other.

In a small group believers can:

  • Move from being mere observers to becoming genuine participants in the Gospel
  • Make lasting friendships, learn to love and be loved
  • Work through the issues of their lives and grow in God’s grace and gifting
  • As God’s Word is honored and obeyed, skills are acquired and leaders are developed

Since people are at different stages of development in Christ, we offer a huge variety of small groups for all ages and interests.

Home Fellowships

Home Fellowships are small groups of believers who meet weekly in homes across East County.  Each is unique, but they follow a general pattern of worship, sharing and discussion, Bible study and prayer. The casual setting is ideal for making friends, asking questions, sharing insights and growing in your God given gifts. All Home Fellowships are co-ed and many offer childcare.  We include an updated list of Home Fellowship locations in our bulletin during weekly worship services .

The major focus of Home Fellowship is true Christian fellowship, building relationships, and looking to the Bible for solutions to everyday problems.

You are invited to attend any of our Home Fellowships listed in the directory below.  For directions or other information please call the leader listed for the Home Fellowship.


Small Groups & Classes

Small Groups & Classes are usually (but not always) short term or seasonal (4 to 12 weeks).

They gather around common interests or affinities. These groups are a great way to get educated in a specific area such as finances, or to meet folks with a shared interest.

Directory of current Small Groups

Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday School Adult Classes take place during the 9:00am and 10:45am Sunday worship services. You can conveniently take in a good class and Sunday worship service. Plus, childcare is built in. The classes are typically short term. We offer a wide range of subjects and a great stable of teachers every Sunday.

These classes are designed specifically for new believers, newcomers and those who desire to serve in ministry at Foothills.  The three part curriculum examines life here at Foothills, discipleship and the keys to living successfully in God’s Kingdom.


This class is for anyone relatively new to Foothills or new to the faith. Taught by Staff Pastors Kevin Miller and Jim Deyling, they will show you the ropes around here, get into what we, as a church, believe is truly important.  We’ll discuss our mission and vision for the future, and show you how to get really plugged in and connected at this church. You’re going to learn a lot! Discover Foothills is a convenient 9:00am Sunday morning class and we always have childcare, coffee and pastries. Held 5 times a year. For next start, call or email Pastor Kevin Miller or Pastor Jim Deyling.

KEVIN MILLER (619) 922-4184
JIM DEYLING (619) 997-9606


Get a better understanding of the Bible through study of the major themes in the Old Testament. We examine themes such as the progress of redemption, covenant, maturing and relationship with him.
9:00am – 10:30am

JIM DEAL (619) 654-6669


Our Friendship class is structured to lovingly meet the unique spiritual and emotional needs of developmentally disabled adults. This group meets every Sunday for worship at the 10:45am service and then moves to room 3 right after worship at 11:00am.

KATHY SPARKS (619) 443-7636


This 2 week class is designed to help you establish and accomplish goals in every area of life. It includes practical insights, directions, and how-to’s.
Call for next start date.

MIKE LABAHN (619) 328-2662


This ongoing small group is for men who desire to grow in faith. Experience the encouragement and growth that comes from accountability and companionship in Christ. 9:00am -10:30am

GARY KIRK (619) 933-6620