Discipleship and Adult Ministries

"Go therefore and make disciples..." 

Disciples are learners.  At Foothills we strive to follow Jesus' example of learning and growing in a small group setting.  We have a vast and varied selection of small groups to meet each disciple's unique needs and differing stages of growth.  Our small groups differ in size and focus, but each shares the same goal - applying the Word of God to our everyday lives and growing in love for God and each other.

In a small group believers can:

  • Move from being mere observers to becoming genuine participants in the Gospel
  • Make lasting friendships, learn to love and be loved
  • Work through the issues of their lives and grow in God's grace and gifting
  • As God's Word is honored and obeyed, skills are acquired and leaders are developed

Since people are at different stages of development in Christ, we offer a huge variety of small groups for all ages and interests.