At Foothills we are first and foremost a family.  The atmosphere is relaxed and there are kids everywhere.


When you arrive at one of our weekend services you will notice that the dress is casual. We want you to feel comfortable and at home here.


We have special Visitor Parking to make it easier for you when you make your first few visits to Foothills.  We have shuttles in the General Parking areas to pick you up at your car and deliver you to the courtyard near the entrances of our Sanctuary and Youth Center.


You will find information booths in the courtyard, the Sanctuary building and the Youth Center staffed with friendly, informed people to help you navigate around our campus or answer any questions you might have.


Services begin with about 20 minutes of heartfelt worship.  At Foothills we love to worship Jesus.  Most people stand during worship and some raise their hands.  You are invited to worship in a way that is meaningful and comfortable for you.  We love having our youth with us for the worship portion of the service.  Junior High students are released to their class after worship concludes.  High School students stay in the main sanctuary for the message.


Following worship we open with prayer, video announcements and other family business, which includes providing a special packet for first time visitors.  The packet contains information about Foothills and includes a complimentary book authored by one of our Senior Pastors, David and Mark Hoffman.  The packet also has an information card to tell us about you and your experience with us.  We appreciate your input!


Each week one of our Senior Pastors delivers an inspiring, Spirit-guided message from God’s Word with a focus on relevancy and practical application for today.  The pastors preach on alternate weekends, so  you’ll hear David one week and Mark the next.  Each pastor has his own special flavor of encouragement, exhortation and insight.


The final few minutes of the service are set aside specifically for God, through His Holy Spirit, to interact with His people.  Trained members of the Foothills Ministry Team are available during this time if you would like someone to pray with you.  If you prefer to pray privately we have a special area to accommodate that so you can kneel and pray uninterrupted.  During this time of ministry there is a bit more worship time for those who are not engaged in prayer.

After the service we hope you’ll stay around a while, have a cup of coffee and stop by our Visitors Booth.  We really want to get to know you!.