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Foothills supports a number of local and global missions. Click on the "category" button below and choose "local" or "global" to find the ministry you'd like more information on.

Missions Sunday

Pastors Mark Hoffman and David Hoffman highlight three of Foothills' most impactful local and global missions causes.

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Larry Neese KTMI, Kenya

Larry Neese is the national coordinator of KTMI (Kofi Thompson Ministries International) who runs a 2-year pastoral training program for the people of Kenya. Learn More

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Capital Commission, Sacramento

Capitol Commission provides Bible studies, church services, and prayer for legislators, state leaders, staff, and lobbyists in our state's capitol.  Learn More

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Jim Garlow - Well Versed Ministry

"Making known biblical principles for governance... by small groups or one-on-one meetings with governmental leaders (ambassadors, elected officials, career bureaucrats). The Bible speaks to every governmental and political issue. God's Word has...

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