Salt & Light Ministry

Salt & Light Ministry


Craig Huey and his “ELECTION FORUM”


When: May 9th

What: Election Forum with Craig Huey

Where: Foothills Christian Church Youth Auditorium


This will be a very informative, Biblically-based presentation that will:

· Examine America’s Christian roots and the persecution and challenges the Church faces today

· Compare the Presidential candidates and where they stand on issues crucial to Christians, including Israel, life, and religious liberty.

· Discuss then slate of U.S. Senate candidates, county candidates, and Congressional candidates and where they stand on Value issues

· Focus on Judges: Why they are important, where do they stand, and learn the difference between a judicial activist and a strict constructionist

· Examine all the Propositions—the pros and cons.


The forum will conclude with prayer for God’s guidance, that His will be done, and to cry out for national restoration and personal repentance. Don’t miss it, Monday night, May 9, @ 7 pm in the Youth Auditorium and bring your Sample Ballot!!

If you need to register to vote or update your party preference, the Salt & Light team will be at tables in the lobby after all service for 3 weeks starting Mother’s Day weekend; Last day to register is May 23rd!

NOTE: Due to this special event and the timing of Mother’s day, NO Prayer & Action meeting on 5/8 after church.