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Three Words from Zechariah

by Foothills Church on May 26, 2019

All our home groups are beginning a book study this week of Pastor Dave’s newly published , The Successful Christian Life; 12 Essential Scriptures”. Each lesson is stand alone, so you can join anytime. Just use this list to find a group that seems good to you and call them to let them know you’re coming. Also, you can get more info on the home group board in the lobby, in the church app, or on the website. And you can call Pastor Jim at 619-997-9606 for help finding the right group. Come, join the rest of the Foothills family for the next 5 weeks as we learn and grow in God together!

Chapter 3: How to Be Content

1) Is there an area of discontentment in your life? Is there something you don’t have that you believe would make you happy? If so, what?


2) What are the 3 steps to contentment?

3) Which step is hardest for you and why?

4) What does practicing have to do with contentment?

Chapter 4: How to Wait

1) Why is waiting an inherent, inseparable part of God’s promises?

2) When you wait on God, you position yourself to be ___________________.

3) Like King Saul, why do we panic in the midst of waiting? Why do we believe we have to help God out?

4) What are the 3 steps to waiting on God?

5) What is the one truth Pastor Dave hopes you remember from this chapter?


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