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How To Always Be Prepared

by Foothills Church on May 19, 2019

All our home groups are beginning a book study this week of Pastor Dave’s newly published , The Successful Christian Life; 12 Essential Scriptures”. Each lesson is stand alone, so you can join anytime. Just use this list to find a group that seems good to you and call them to let them know you’re coming. Also, you can get more info on the home group board in the lobby, in the church app, or on the website. And you can call Pastor Jim at 619-997-9606 for help finding the right group. Come, join the rest of the Foothills family for the next 6 weeks as we learn and grow in God together!

Chapter 1: How to Trust God

1) Why do so many Christians struggle with trusting God? Can you think of a time when you struggled with this?

2) What are some examples of things people put their trust in rather than God?

3) Pastor David said that if you trust God and His Word in decision-making, it will “set on fire the course of [your] life.” What do you think he means by this statement?

4) What are some of the reasons you’ve heard Christians give for disobeying God?

5) If someone asked you why you trust God and His Word, what would you say?


 Chapter 2: How to Be Free from the Past

1) Why do you think Jeremiah might have felt like a failure? Have you ever felt that way?

2) The life of Paul is a great encouragement to many. How does his life encourage you?

3) What was Paul’s secret to moving ahead after a failure? In your life, have you found this easy to do?

4) For you personally, what is the best part of God’s forgiveness?

5) As a Christian, why is every day a new beginning? How could this impact your life?




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