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Michell Cook

Counseling Pastor

Office: (619) 442-7728

My Story

I was born in El Centro, CA., was raised 10 miles east in Holtville. I was sexually abused as a child and was traumatized by my brother being killed in the same room with me. I grew up and lived over 35 years in shame and fear. I was called into the ministry at 16 to be a pastor. Several other tragedies happened to me throughout the years including “death” following me around for 40 years. I totaled out a car and lost my job in total devastation. I crashed two helicopters (as a crop duster). The crash of the second helicopter caused me to lose my business going into over $100,000 in debt (1982). One daughter was miscarried, another killed in a car wreck, and another sexually abused. During my senior year in college getting my Theology degree in Bible, I became disillusioned by the denomination that I was in and dropped out of college not completing my degree. Later, during my service in the U. S. Army as a helicopter pilot, I finalized my bachelor’s degree by getting my Bible classes included as a liberal studies major. I furthered my education by completing two master’s degrees: a MST in Theological Studies in Counseling and a M.Ed. degree in Instructional Design and Technology.

I spent twenty years running from the pastorate. I predominately felt unqualified and unprepared for the ministry because of the shame and fear. I reluctantly went into the ministry again (1982) by becoming a church planter in the Vineyard group of churches while I was thirty-three years old. Totally I have been a pastor in five churches starting with Melodyland Christian Center (1973/1974) in Anaheim and presently at Foothills Christian Church here in El Cajon (since December of 2000).

When we first walked through the doors of Foothills, the Lord’s presence met us and confirmed that this was home. It has been home ever since that wonderful day.

Hope For Foothills Church

My hope for Foothills is that we would be a people that lets God love us, heal and restore us to partner with Him in service to disciple future generations.